A formulation is a diagram which captures the major processes going on with a difficulty. It will nearly always incorporate important elements of thinking, feelings and behaviours (or what you do) which have a role in the difficulty continuing to play out for you.


The purpose of the formulation is it gives us,  as a team, to have an shared understanding of whats going on for you. This means we can see whats going on for you and how we might approach and work on the difficulty, what is going to be the most useful way to break the cycles which maintain problems.


A formulation isn't set in stone, its more of a starting place for us to plan our work together. As we come to understand whats going on for you through guided discovery in sessions as well as bespoke homework assignments, we can agree to make adjustments to our formulation and understanding.

Person centred formulation is one reason to choose a professional accredited CBT therapist to help you move forward with difficulties. Whilst CBT may be available through many other sources including NHS services, online self help and through unaccredited CBT practitioners, such services don't tend to work with you to develop such an individually tailored understanding of whats going on. Training required to achieve professional accreditation status as well as my many years of professional experience in psychological and psychiatric settings mean I can apply expert understanding of various difficulties  with a collaborative, systematic and curious approach to help us establish our formulation.  

Having a good formulation means you can see for yourself where change is needed and gives you the tools to carry on progressing with your development well beyond treatment end.