Instant messaging sessions involve logging on to a free and secure messaging platform. This can be done from many different devices, including a mobile, tablet/Ipad or laptop/computer. At the time of your appointment, I will also log into the system and the session would progress much like a traditional face to face session with us exploring whats going on for you together, except we will use the written word rather than speaking. There are several benefits to working like this. Like the other UK wide services I offer, it allows you to access therapy at a place and time convenient to you. Some people find they are able to reflect and think a bit clearer when they have the privacy of being alone. Another advantage is that all the details of the session are preserved and this is sometihing that you can come back to and read through again later on, which can help with understandings. This way of working is not for everyone though. Some people will find that having to type distracts from focussing in on important material, or will feel uncomfortable without so much human interface.